Dario Owen, a native of Barcelona, serves as Professional, Personal Trainer, Event Manager and Project Manager although he studied economics at the University of Barcelona. Thanks to his passion for the sport, he furthered his studies in this field that combines the world of communication, image and fashion. His hobbies include tourism, film, music, fitness, running, swimming and risky sport such as parachuting and rafting. He also likes to cultivate body and mind through the practice of Yoga and Pilates.



Since 1988 the International Association of Sports Science, has provided the International Certified Personal Trainers more than 100,000 health professionals and fitness worldwide. Directed by scientists specialized in sports medicine, with the help of fitness professionals, physical therapists, chiropractors, and experience of athletes world champions. This certification offers all the elements to acquire a solid formation.

• Anatomy and physiology of exercise
• Muscle physiology and biomechanics
• Theory of strength and fitness
• Training Systems
• Nutrition for Health and Sport
• How losing and gaining weight properly
• Exercise for Health and Sports
• Exercises to develop flexibility
• Exercise program for people with special needs
• Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation

It is accredited by studies and experience he has received.

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